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Meet Your Host


John Radford


John started his career in digital by running the digital content stores for Vodafone UK + IE as well as T-Mobile. Once the iPhone had launched in 2007, John knew that it would be a game changer and moved towards apps and digital products by co-founding Borne Digital. 

In 2020, he felt that there was a lack of content of tech leaders in the space that did not explore the challenges they may face going forwards into securing their future through the digital transformation. So John launched Launch Base, a podcast offering a no-frills insight into the tech community

"Developing good products is a journey, not a destination!"

This podcast is powered by Borne Digital

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Borne Digital partners with companies of all sizes, from startups to enterprises, to create bespoke digital products that solve problems. As App Developers, they build apps and digital products from the ground up that impact lives, facilitate change and ultimately succeed. Borne Digital's products get funded by VCs, win awards and sustain growth.

Their mission is to create success stories for their clients and to ensure they constantly evolve and stay ahead of the digital transformation.

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